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Week ending Sunday, August 29th 2010
All quiet on the home front...

It's been another relatively quiet week. I'm starting to like things being this way. I mean, work has been busy as it always is (I was especially busy on Friday helping some team members out).

This week I had a softball playoff game and we won that one (thanks to all my FB friends for the support). We have to play a team that we lost to and then beat the second time we played. We're pretty much guaranteed to be in the top 4, odds are we'll finish 2nd or 3rd is my best guess. Getting people to show up though on a regular basis has been pretty hard.

On Saturday I was at Church again and we had a nice visit from K.P. Yohannan who I really like. He is often on 107.9 so I started to understand his message there. He is really funny in person and he has a strong, faithful message which I really enjoy. After Church I headed over to Jack and Jane's for dinner which was really nice. Got to hang out with my "away from home" family so that is always great. I've been hanging out with them also on Holidays so they have been pretty close to family as you can get.

Jane also told me that she met my sister and brother at UCSD when I was in the Hospital. She said it was really nice to meet them, talk to them and see all the support that I got from them. They are family and I am very grateful to have them.

Other than that I did my normal workouts (4x this week counting the softball game, lol) and then today I got to watch the Indy MotoGP race. Come on Nicky, you can do better than that. He qualified 3rd on the grid and finished 6th. He would have finished 7th if Stoner hadn't crashed.

Well I mean, that is about it. Like I said there wasn't much going on this week and I'm trying to stay quiet. I really have nothing to complain about other that wondering when my motivation will come back. My friends said it is probably my age but that isn't it. I think something in my brain changed (that explains no desire to date anymore either)

Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Week ending Sunday, August 22nd 2010
Nothing new...

So really not much going on this week. Work was great as always. Nice and quiet, lots of training and banging out solutions. I really do like working upstairs where it's much easier to focus on what you're doing without a lot of chatter from other cubicles.

I did work out on my normal schedule this week because it's the break between the playoffs in softball. We ended up finishing tied for second place but due to scoring we were carded as the "3rd" ranked team. That's OK with me because we get an extra game in. I bought a new softball bat, gloves and cleats in addition to changing the way I use the glove. I am hoping that helps my fielding and hitting for the playoffs.

Church was awesome yesterday because we had a speaker who compared a lot of the Biblical passages with the pundits who say there was no "Creator" of everything (LOL). You only need to look at everything on the Earth and Heavens to see without a doubt that we all have a WONDERFUL Creator in our God. Needless to say I really did enjoy what he talked about. Pastor Bob was off in Chicago this week so it was a good change of pace.

As for Facebook, I removed another 10 people or so and then 3-4 deleted me as a friend as well. I am A-OK with that. I use Facebook primarily to stay in touch with friends and family. Many people use it as a way to get dates or whatever and more power to them but for me it's more important to keep in touch with the people who are important to me and I am important to them.

Also spent a lot of time watching movies this weekend. Definitely watched a lot of ones that had Zooey Deschanel in them and yes, I even watched the first four seasons of "Futurama" which was great :)

The NFL preseason has started and the Bucs lost the first game (barely) and (barely) won the second game. Our QB is out right now due to fracturing his pinky but he'll be back in time for the start of the season. MotoGP is coming to Indy next weekend and I am excited about that. I am really hoping that Nicky Hayden does well as I am sure Spies will have something for us there as well. Looks like Rossi is joining Ducati next year and Spies will take his place with Yamaha. Very, very interesting MotoGP season coming up.

Well that's about it. Like I said, not much to say this week and besides, I blabbed a lot last week for sure. Take care and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, August 15th 2010
Ugh...(This is a long one)

Well even I am entitled to have a bad week. I am not sure what is going on but since "the accident" I'm finding the motivation to do things that I used to has simply disappeared. Can't figure out what the problem is as I am NOT depressed, angry, sad or suffering from anxiety problems. I simply cannot find the motivation to do the normal things I love to do.

Lately I've just been vegging at home. Other than Softball games, Workouts, Golf and Church I haven't really left the house much. At all. No movie theaters, no going out to dinner, no hanging with friends, etc. It's just weird and I can't put my finger on what exactly the problem is.

Speaking of friends, last night I spent some time removing friends from Facebook that I never really talk to anyway. I mean, they are on my friend's list but we never really talk. It's nothing personal, it's just how life works. Friends come into your life and have a lasting impact -- others come briefly and then disappear. Either way, there really hasn't been any communication between us before or AFTER the accident so I didn't see any reason to keep them on my contact list. If they're a contact, shouldn't you talk once in a while?! I think so...or maybe I'm just crazy.

I do feel bad about one of the people I had to remove (that includes contact info on my cell) but sometimes, you just have to pick yourself off the ground and move on with life. It's sad but certainly not the end of life for sure. Life goes on...

To pass some time I rented a few movies. I had just watched "Yes Man!" before the accident so I remember Zooey Deschanel was in that movie so I rented her recent one called "(500) Days of Summer". I had no clue what the movie was about but I knew I really liked her acting. Anyway, I watched it last night and it was a huge reminder of the things that have happened to me in relationships. Things guys aren't supposed to do.

So this is a spoiler. If you haven't seen the movie, stop reading here, rent and watch it, then come back here.


Anyway, it's about a guy who works at a company that makes greeting cards. They hire a new assistant who he really falls for. They hang out, go to the movies, Ikea and basically start a relationship. Only, she tells him "We're just friends..." Mind you, they do everything that couples normally do only He wants the title and she does not. Anyway, she ends up dumping him, meeting another guy and in a short span of time, she ends up getting engaged and marries the new guy.

What's so crazy is I *was* the guy in this movie. Almost everything that happened to him in that movie happened to me. Not once, but twice. The second time that happened I handled it LOT better than the first time but I am starting to think that some of us just have a penchant of picking really bad people. With the first one I didn't have the "intestinal fortitude" soon enough to tell her to "get bent", mean it and move on to the next new and exciting thing. The second time, as I said before, it was much easier to just forget them and move on my life. And I don't regret that decision at all.

Since then I have grown immensely and have learned a lot about how to handle relationships the RIGHT way. The only thing is, since my accident, I am just not motivated to be in a relationship. Period. It's something I don't even think about anymore because when you've made bad choices in your life you either become hardened (and become bad relationship material yourself) or you simply stop caring. I've become the latter of the two and that's OK with me. (You can't kick a horse that's already gotten up and started running the OTHER way! haha)

There used to be days where I'd talk to friends and let them know what's up and maybe even ask for advice. Again, since the accident, I don't think I've talked to anyone about relationships whatsoever. I...just...don't...care and I don't really know why other that in the grand scheme of life, it's not really important anymore. Not like it used to be. C'est la vie!!!!!

There are a few friends on my list that will probably have to go as well. As always, I can't seem to find a fine line between helping my friends and getting in the middle of their crap. I say this with all humility but I am pretty darn good at Counseling others, I just have a hard time Counseling myself. Anyway, once again I offered help and now my friends are mad at me (I wasn't involved in their problem, I just tried to ease their troubles and I got a harsh reaction).

Just goes to show you "No good deed goes unpunished..."

Other than softball, working out, work and golf (as I mentioned before) I haven't really done much. Doesn't help that I have been having a hard time sleeping due to allergies and that in turn has been making me feel lethargic. I probably should get some allergy meds but you know me, I hate taking medication for anything. I'm not broken and there are no magic pills that are going to fix me. I pray over things like that, if it's His will, He'll fix it.

Everything else is OK. I know this has been a long blog update but there were some things I needed to get off my chest and as I've said before, writing a blog can be very cathartic.

My head is feeling/looking better (I might even stop wearing hats), the workouts have been great, I feel fantastic, other than my allergies. The only other bad thing are my headaches (they correlate with allergies). It was so bad yesterday that I didn't even go to Church. I feel bad but I am sure God forgives me.

That's about it. Sorry for the long post and I'm sorry there isn't something great to report. But that's life. Not every day is going to be great, but if you keep your faith strong in God, He will always, always take care of you.

That I promise.


Week ending Sunday, August 8th 2010
I'm beat...

Ok so I didn't work out hard this week, but I am still tired. I did hit the gym on Monday, played Softball on Tuesday and then today I played Golf with friends (5 hours of lots of walking up hills!). So even though I didn't work out that hard I am still tired, lol.

I was supposed to go to the BMW dealer yesterday to buy the 1000RR but after looking at my finances I thought it wasn't a good idea. It's not that I can't afford it -- I can -- but at the same time I want to pay off everything I owe so that all I am paying for is my truck and my rent. I haven't decided if I am staying here in San Diego. Other than my friends there's nothing holding me here and I would really like to live in Europe for a while to immerse myself in the culture.

Church was awesome yesterday though I am still having concentration problems from time to time. I have to force myself to listen even though the message that Pastor Bob is talking about really sinks into my head. For the first time in a while I noticed a few girls checking me out but you know, I am not really there to find a date (I've checked that off my list -- I am plenty happy staying single). Church is for worship and that's what I try to do.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet week. I got the main project checked off my list so I am happy that is done. This week I have a new project coming up so it is good to know that I have value to the company. Not sure if you read the news but our CEO was ousted on Friday. That was something we didn't expect but we hope that it brings positive change. We've been hammered with lots of work though and we would like to keep our clients.

Happy Birthday (yesterday), mom. We all miss you and I know from talking to you when I died in the hospital that you are looking as forward to seeing me as I am looking forward to seeing you. Many people don't believe in God, Jesus or Christanity but trust me, I saw it for my own eyes.

That's really about it. No MotoGP, WSBK or AMA racing this weekend. The NFL Hall of Fame game is on shortly so I am going to watch that, get my chores done and then hit the sack early tonight. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


Week ending Sunday, August 1st 2010

Ok ok, I admit I had a really fun week. I know there is pressure from work to get things done. There's only so much I can do though so all I can really do is my best. Things are actually more quiet right now as the stuff I am working on simply just needs to be certified. Either way I am sure that it's going to happen sooner or later.

So early this week I got a call from a San Diego BMW Motorrad (motorcycle) dealer. He said "Hey I heard you might be interested in a S1000RR (that is their full liter sport bike!) and we happen to have one. Are you available to come down this week and take a test ride??" Uhhhh --- HECK YEAH! So I showed up on Tuesday around lunchtime. All I had to do so was show them my motorcycle license and a credit card (in case I bin in haha). Anyway they loaned me a jacket, helmet and gloves and we took a quick 15 minute ride.

We were putting around and then he hit the on-ramp to the 15. The leader was riding a K1200R which is like a Hayabusa and he just flat out hammered that thing. Well the S1000RR I am riding had both ABS and traction control (in sport mode) so I wasn't about to let him get away. Well I hammered it in first gear, the bike wheelied and then the traction control set it down gently. The same process repeated in both second and third gear. Well by the time I looked down I was already going way faster than I sanely legal (haha) and caught the other BMW. Needless to say it was a nice ride.

When I asked what the "Out the Door" price was on the bike the salesman wouldn't say. What he did say the is "cost" of this $15,750.00 bike was going to be $19,000.00. "Ummmm NO THANK YOU!!!" I am never, ever going to pay over MSRP especially in this kind of market. And as much as I like riding and dragging my knees there is no way I am going to blow my savings on something that is priced much higher than what even the manufacturer even says!

Ah well it was still a fun rid and it definitely got my blood flowing again. I was riding safely, don't worry. The last thing I need is another knock on my head again. Speaking of which that is doing much better. I could stop wearing hats if I wanted to because most people won't even notice the scars (that lack hair, by the way) anyway.

Church was fine on Saturday night though Pastor Bob wasn't there. The speaker was pretty good though from time to time I find that old A.D.D. kicking in and have to force myself to concentrate. I guess that is one good sign that my head is working like it used to. Even my memory is starting to get back to where it was and I not forgetting things as much as I used to.

The NFL camps have started so I am looking forward to that. The Bucs are looking good on paper but we'll see how it goes. I suppose that is about it for the week. Happy August and talk to you next week!


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