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Week ending Sunday, April 27th, 2014
On the road again....
I know I say that a lot but that is part of my job -- it's what I do you know? If my employer says "We need you to go here and help this customer out" then I am not going to argue. Under the circumstances, we could be all out of work or homeless (such as the people I am trying to help) which is not a good position to be in by any means. So -- I'll be flying in to Orlando on Tuesday to say goodbye to our friends who are leaving the current contract we're on now.

On top of that, I'm actually the last person to be on call when the change-over happens on the 1st. Not sure if I explained this but basically our company lost a bid to add additional staff to the contract we had and in the process, we actually lost the entire thing. That's business, they say. There are friends of mine that are going to be out of work on the 1st and while I still have a job for the next couple of months, I have no idea if I will still be working when the "clean up" group that I am on has completed. I'm by flying in to Orlando on Tuesday and flying back on Thursday afternoon. D-Day of course is the 1st (next day).

Since I am on-call that means I have to be within 30 minutes of my PC and I cannot do that while on a plane so one of my coworkers is going to handle my on-call duties while I fly. When I get back of course there will be no more on-call duties and I won't have to work 12-16 hours a day anymore. Hopefully that will give me the time I need to complete my required training.

So I haven't heard back from "Roy" the homeless guy (and his family). I know I talked to him on Monday and he said that the help I have provided him has opened other doors and he is getting help from more people. It's really not me that has helped him. Sure I provided some temporary measures to assist but really it's his faith in God (and my dependence on God to provide His will) is really what has helped him more than anything. He has my phone number and knows how to reach me should he need anything -- and yes, I told him to call me if he needed help.

I am more bothered about my own Church right now and them seemingly lack of the welfare of it's local citizens (and families) vs these "welfare" trips to foreign countries (not going to say which they are, that's not the point). We have Americans here, San Diego residents that need help, that are not on drugs or drinking and that they are a victim of circumstances and a bad economy, not because they chose to be homeless or out of work. Yes there are people who prefer to do nothing but drink, do drives and do NOTHING their entire lives, but the ones I know are not in that category.

So why can't our Church help the needy people in their own back yard instead of traveling thousands of miles to help others? Shouldn't we be taking care of our own house before we tell others what needs to be cleaned in their own? Didn't Jesus say not to point out the spec in someone else's eye while ignoring the LOG in our own eye? This is what I am talking about here. Let's get our citizens back to work and not suffering before we start helping other countries out.

You already know how I feel about ILLEGAL immigration (they are not undocumented immigrants, that false term needs to just go away). I'm not going to rant on that this week but yes, that was brought up again and apparently the media is still using the wrong term to define people that are here illegally but that's another paradigm that will never be solved as long as people in our Government snub their noses at it's own citizens. I'm started to understand why other countries hate America. It's not because of the success we've had as a country -- it's because we cannot seem to keep our noses out of other country's business. Sheesh.

Ok so no church this weekend. Not so much out of spite of what our Church IS or IS NOT doing, but I am also on call so I cannot be gone for too long (and I don't want my phone ringing in Church). I did get to watch MotoGP this weekend (Come on Nick!!! Pipped by your own teammate AT THE LINE?!). I know there are some WSBK races to watch as well and of course, laundry and other things to do before I fly this week. Hope you had a fantastic week and thanks to everyone who visited my web site from FaceBook last week. Not sure who you are (because nobody signed the guest book) but that's for mentioning it on FB.

Have a great week everyone and God bless you all!


Week ending Sunday, April 20th, 2014
News on the homeless front...LONG rant today!
No, not me. Though some days I feel like I SHOULD be a homeless person. "Nomad, vagabond -- call me what you will...." (Sorry, Metallica). So on Thursday night I went to pick up tickets to the movie "Heaven is for Real" which I had been looking forward to going to see. It's at the "Cinapolis: theatre which is considered a "Luxury" movie theatre. I had a date set up but she cancelled at the last minute (go figure!). Since it's in the Del Mar shopping center complex, it's not a far drive anyway.

Whom do I see on the corner again in the same spot?! Yep, Roy the homeless guy (the guy with a wife and three young children which I posted on FB a few weeks ago). So I park the car and walk over and talk to Roy for a good 1/2 hour going over what he has been doing and what the status of his situation is. "Not good" was his reply. He went over the different avenues he has tried to get help and we talked about same the issues we talked about last time. I tell Roy "Hey, let's do this, let me give you a ride to the river since it's late. I just need to grab these tickets and we'll be on our way". So he sat quietly in my car while I grabbed the tickets and then I drove him at his drop off point. He told me more of his story and said how grateful he was and that he hopes God blesses me for helping him and his family (God has blessed me far more than I deserve, I am just the LEAST of His servants -- just doing His will).

When I drop Roy off, I hand him $200.00 to get a hotel room so that he and his family do not have to be in a tent for Easter. He was grateful, said thanks and I told him I would talk to my Church on Sunday since I am working the Easter service. He said he would get the hotel room (he did) and I told him that if he did I would buy their family dinner. He contacted me several hours later and said what hotel and room number and that the family wanted 2 large cheese pizzas so I sent them the pizzas, deserts and 5 cokes :)

On Saturday night I went to see the move (since there was no Saturday night service this weekend anyway) which I thought was decent. (Definitely "Hollywood's work in there) I could correlate a lot of the Near Death Experiences (NDEs) to what happened to me when I had my own NDE, but there are definitely differences. I do not think that God shows us all the same thing (wouldn't that be boring?!). In my case, I saw my mother and I saw the image of either God, the Son or the Holy Spirit. I do not know since I could not see His face. In the movie the child saw Jesus and his face and he spoke to his relatives. I was not able to see or do many of those things. I could only see and hear my (at the time) very young looking mother.

On Sunday I not only attended the Easter service for Horizon but also worked as an usher which is the job they asked me to do. I had a chance to BRIEFLY talk to Pastor Bob (obviously he was very busy with planning for a large service of 4500 people). I mentioned my email to him and that he didn't reply and he sort of shrugged it off. OK. I get it. You're a busy man, but I want to help a needy family, where is my Church? Where are you when there are KIDS suffering here in America? You spend a lot of time with helping Mexico, what about the sick, poor and needy right here in our back yard? This isn't just a homeless man...this is a homeless FAMILY!!!

Well, I was handed a few pamphlets with the names of "other" Churches who are better (apparently) equipped to help a needy family. Apparently, my own Church either does not want or cannot help it's local citizens the way I feel they should be doing. (More on that in a few). Roy called me later today and told me that the money I gave him helped immensely (and that the pizza was good and his family loved it!). Roy told me that a lot of Churches refuse to help him due to the fact it has to be reported to the Government and that he feels that is why many Churches do "charity" work out of the country -- because it doesn't have to be reported in the same fashion. I will be asking my Church and some of the Pastors I trust to find out what the deal is with that. .

Is not a Church's sole existence to be an extension of God? Are they not supposed to be helping the needy, the poor, the homeless and abused -- RIGHT HERE in our own back yard? Why are we investing American money in foreign countries? Look, I get it. We should help when we can, but I truly believe that we need to get America healthy before we start over-extending ourselves (as we have been doing over and over) trying to help other countries. Heck, most of these countries don't even want us there! Let's not make Church about being a tax write off and start making it about helping those in need. Not hand outs but HAND UPS! Let's help people get on their feet (who truly wish to be independent, healthy and live normal lives).

If God were to show up, what would our Churches say to them? Are they truly doing God's work or doing what is right and just in their own eyes? Many of you who know me know that I am the first person to step up to the plate to help others. Not only do I feel that is God's will for me, but I also know my mother was the same way. She HATED seeing other people suffer, even if it meant she would go without. If I have to sell or give away everything I have (and I have done that before, given away most everything I have) to help others in need, I surely expect my own Church to bring their focus HOME to the community they are supposed to serve. Not foreign countries ...especially to those that see America not as "The land of opportunity" for them, but a land of hand outs for those who aren't even supposed to be here, while spitting in the faces of it's own citizens.

Ok that's enough of the rant for now. Yes, I am opinionated. That comes from experience and a "ground level" view of what is going on with not only San Diego, but the rest of this Country. And I am getting downright sick with the "Me me me-ness" of this Country. When God blesses you, you should be passing those blessings on to others. You are NOT taking anything with you when you die -- however -- you WILL have to stand before the judgment seat and explain yourself. LORD KNOWS I have some 'splaining to do myself. I am far from perfect as everyone who knows me or has met me knows that first hand....

Cheers and have a great rest of your Easter.

Week ending Sunday, April 13th, 2014
Not much of a vacation, really. LOL
That is very much true. When you're home and your work PC is right there (and you have work to do that Friday night) well, it's not too much of a vacation. On Monday I suited up the leathers for the first time in -- well almost a year now that I think about it and made a quick ride up to Palomar. Of course, as soon as the twisties start I come up to a CHP car. Well, I got a nice "escort" all the way up to Mothers. At least it was a nice ride. Since the tires were cold on the way down I took it easy and rode all the way home. No one (not even one motorcycle) was on the mountain the whole time except when I got to the bottom of the mountain. Then there were three bikes coming up but by then I was done for the day.

On Tuesday I went shopping. Clothes shopping. Yes, you heard that right. Anyone that knows me knows that I wear the same clothes until they wear out. I don't see a reason to replace clothes just because they might be out of style to some. Heck, there are kids all over the world who wish they had a new pair of shoes, pants, shirts, etc. In my case, I only buy new clothes every 5-8 years (depending on my needs). This time I got some new jeans, a nice shirt, new skivvies, new socks, a new pair of Eccos along with Nike running shoes, shorts and tee. That was it, but don't ask how much I spent. It was way more than I should have.

The rest of the week was me trying to get some training done. Of course I was using my work PC so it wasn't long before emails started piling up and I ended up Weds-Fri getting some work completed. I did not finish the training but I will try to get that work done over the next week or so as it's on my "TO DO" list. There are many things my new boss has me doing and a lot of them are tied to my quarterly bonuses so well, they need to be done!

This weekend was no Saturday services at Horizon. They are doing the Easter thing and since I don't have anyone to bring I decided to stay at home. Well that is not true, I went golfing with Jack and Jason today so that was great. It was good hanging out with my friends, relaxing and talking. Today is some MotoGP racing and WSBK so I will be watching them both shortly (while doing laundry lol. such is my life!!). I hope you had a great weekend. I have three more weeks of vacation to burn and I have to figure out how I am going to find the time to take off from work and what I shall do during that time.

That's it! Have a great rest of your week and talk to you soon!


Week ending Sunday, April 6th, 2014
It's a STAY-CATION and I'll take it!
Yessiree! I am on vacation this week and I am excited about that. Been a while since I have had a vacation where I didn't go anywhere. This will allow me to detox a bit form work (it's been busy and hectic but I still love what I do), go ride the CBR up and down Palomar Mountain (Monday), hit the beach! (Tuesday) then spend the next three days studying for a work test.

Also this week I had to boot a friend off FaceBook. Look, that is not something I wanted to do but I gave them many chances to stop using my FB page for their personal "Anti-Christian" sentiments. I understand how atheist are because I was one once. Trust me, it took an act of God to set my head straight but there is no looking back. And having been on the other side, I definitely know there is something more to life that what we do day to day here. It's OK if you want to state your opinion but don't harass my friends and berate us because our beliefs differ from yours. Enough on that!

This was also a shopping spree this weekend. I haven't shopped for clothes in about 5 years so I'm way past due! I spent more than I would have liked (let's just say it's more than I have spent for clothes in a long time -- and you all know me, I have absolutely no sense of style!). I did buy 2 new pair of shoes, one for running and new pair of Eccos (these are the shoe type, not the boot type I have). I also bought some new jeans, some running gear (shorts/shirt) and some other things that I needed.

That's all set and I know what my plans are going to be for my vacation. The question is who I am going to hang out? LOL! I know that Kevin will be around Tuesday for lunch and I am thinking Hodad's would be great. Haven't been there in a while and I love that place.

Church was awesome as always with Pastor Bob and I did volunteer to work during the Easter celebration that we're having (which should be another doozie! haha). Love my time with my Church, I love having a relationship with God (I don't care what atheist choose to believe in or not, honestly. It's their lives at stake not mine).

Can't think of anything else. There is no racing this weekend which I am bummed about but I think COTA is this Sunday in Texas. I really hope Honda finds some speed to give to Hayden. He doesn't deserve to be in the middle of the pack. He has far more talent than what MotoGP wants to give to him.

Have a great weekend!


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