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Week ending Sunday, April 28th, 2013
Not much this week...

Not much going on honestly and some things I just don't even feel like talking about. Got a headache and my lymph nodes have been bothering me so I need to make an appointment on the 1st when insurance kicks in so I can get the once over and have the doctors make sure that I am OK. Honestly, if it's my time there isn't much I can do about it and I embrace whatever God's plans are for me.

Worked another 60 hour work week. I'm tired -- not sure if that is the extra hours or if not feeling well is doing that. Who knows?!

NFL draft was this weekend but I didn't watch it. I spent most of my weekend trying to get the work goals accomplished. At Church I found out that Pastor Bob is taking a "summer sabbatical" and won't be preaching again until the fall. Bummer as I will miss listening to him but hey, God says you gotta take some time off and I know Pastor Bob has earned it.

That's about it. Short and sweet. Sometime today I have to get my chores done -- provided I have a break -- and then I can go to bed early and get some rest for another long week. I already need a vacation I've worked so much.

Have a great rest of your weekend.


Week ending Sunday, April 21st, 2013
Holy cow, I got paid finally! LOL

Anyone know what it's like to go without a paycheck, after burning through all your savings and make your mortgage payment but the skin of your teeth? That is how the last six weeks has played out since I mentioned my relocation back to San Diego and that I had to foot the entire cost. I got my first paycheck (not sure why it took six weeks to do that from my start date -- still scratching my head on that one) on Monday so I was able to pay the bills I was behind on. Savings account is back to ZERO (d'oh) and it will take me a few months to catch back up but at least I'm OK for now.

I mentioned on FaceBook I was ready to have a rant and I had a really long rant ready to go and just decided in the long run, some things are just better left unsaid. In the end, all I will say is you want to be here legally in the US, follow the RULES -- as many people before you did -- and become an American Citizen LEGALLY. Please don't come here like Facebook's Co-Founder who renounced his US citizenship just so he could avoid paying taxes. This is referred to as "Asking your country what it can do for you..." Please, Government, make everyone who wants to be a US Citizen clear security backgrounds and the rest, send them home. Illegal is ILLEGAL, I don't care what the circumstances are. I'm sure that's going to make some people angry but my family came here LEGALLY and embraced this Country. Everyone should who wants to be a US Citizen.

Rant over.

Today I went to go get refills of my prescription (until the Doc says I don't need it anymore) and found out my insurance with the new company doesn't really kick in until May 1st so I had to pay for enough to get me through until then out of pocket. Joy (NOT!). So, I need to setup an appointment to go see Dr. Barba (the Surgeon that saved my life) -- and it'll be good to see him as well. Good peeps.

As for the rest of the week, work is coming along and I am trying to get projects completed on time. Church, as always, was great though we didn't have Pastor Bob this weekend. Also there is MotoGP racing today so I am looking forward to watching that. Getting settled in nicely here in SD and very glad to be back home but the news is very disturbing.

Work is work, as I said before. Still trying to get a handle on things. I know where this company needs to go it's just getting them there is the hard part. Rome wasn't built in a day and a completely new IT infrastructure won't be built in a day either.

MotoGP racing was boring to me today (compared to Qatar) and I hope some of the upcoming races will be more entertaining. I'm tired -- need sleep -- worked 120 hours over the past two weeks so I think I'm just going to relax until I have to pick my friend up from the airport tonight and give him a ride home.

Home you all have a great day and talk to you later.


Week ending Sunday, April 14th, 2013

As I write this, I am actually working...

This has been probably one of the busiest weeks I have had in a long time. I literally have no time to do anything other than work. And that's fine as long as you're getting things accomplished and that's what we're doing. Too bad at this point and time that I am not hourly.

Between periods when waiting on other people I decided to look at my own web site. Even after all this time it still looks pretty decent though I am sure it needs a facelift. I did happen to review my ABOUT page, which hadn't been updated in forever, so decided to update it. There's years' worth of blog material that probably should be translated over to the about page, but I decided it condense it down into some of the tidbits of information that some of you may or may not have already read.

Everyone I know is well aware of what happened to me in February 2010 (on my birthday no less) and experiencing life after death, only to get pulled back into life (honestly I would have preferred to stay there, but God has different plans for us all). So I included a little of that, some of the info on the house I bought in VA and of course the flying stuff which I PROMISE you I will finish that when I get settled down and catch up on financing my own move.

As I said, work has kept me busy and that's a good thing. We do have a meeting on Tuesday at lunch with all the decision makers and we'll see if my prediction comes true (They fire me, I quit or they finally have me start doing what they hired me to do). We'll see what happens and honestly I am not worried about what is going to happen. As I learned a long time ago: "Let Go, Let God!".

For the first time in a long time I have tried to amend a bad period of time in my life where I can't say it was all them or all me, I can say we were both part of the problem and solution. It was more or less how I handled it (poorly I might add) that showed me that I wasn't ready yet. At least not with that person and not at that time. But you do eventually come to that point where you can say "I've matured and grown up a lot and I don't harbor anger or resentment anymore." Good place to be, honestly.

Wasn't able to attend Church this week due to work so I hope this isn't a regular thing. I need to get my butt in the seat and hear God's word, even though I read the word every night as well as my devotionals. I don't think you can never read enough and you can never learn enough with His word. Frankly, I don't care if it bothers anyone. This is what I need in my life and what I have always needed.

The weather hasn't been great this weekend and well, with work it didn't matter as I didn't get a chance to go back to dragging knee (something my sister is not happy about). Definitely got to hang out with friends this week so that was good and I am keeping my mind as occupied as I can. Definitely trying to keep in touch with my Virginia friends though I don't hear from them often (they're busy too).

Good chance I am goign to Laguna Seca this year. YAY! Hope it all works out because I haven't been there since 2008! Five years is a long time.

I think that's about all for this week. There's WSBK racing I want to watch (if it's on DirecTV), clothes to wash and other chores before bedtime. Hope you had a great and blessed week.


Week ending Sunday, April 7th, 2013
Not much to update this week...

So the situation with work, while it's cooled down a bit, I have no idea what's really going to happen in the long run. Sometimes things are better left un-said because the walls have ears and word travels fast. That said, I think when you have come to point where you are questioning what's going on, it is a legitimate concern that needs to be addressed. I tried to resolve this without making it a huge deal -- again, it is a legitimate position to stand on and all I would like is a fair resolution before things get silly and out of control.

Anyway, I am plugging along getting my job done, not really talking much (I am trying to focus and it's so noisy where I am at that I'm left with listening to music with ear plug so I can focus on what I am trying to do. In the IT industry you have to be really careful because all it takes is one mistake and you're on the "breadline".

Church was awesome as usual and I really love listening to Pastor Bob. I've stayed late a few times trying to say hello and let him know I am back but I he's really, really busy. Just want to let him know that I am OK and I am back home where I belong, with the Church I love so much and having a place to worship without being distracted or bothering others.

Really excited because TODAY! YES TODAY! MOTOGP RACING IS BACK! Cannot wait to watch the race but I am scratching my head at Hayden. When your teammate can run a full second faster a lap than you, something is up. Have you lost your drive, son? After winning the Championship in 2006 you've dropped off the map. I understand how you feel but you're being paid huge sums of money to produce and if you don't, they hire the young and upcoming talent to replace you. Trust me, I know this first hand.

Not much riding of the CBR this week as we still have the "May" gloom in April. As soon as it starts getting sunny in the morning I will ride the bike on a daily basis as I can get through traffic much faster. Already been white-lining a bit and while it still can be messy, most people in SOCAL know to watch out for bikers in-between you and the lane next to you.

As I said there are a lot of things going on so the best thing one can do is wait for God to tell you when He is ready to do something. Our impatience, well mine in particular is sometimes annoying but I know that if I am patient and stay the course, that I know His plans are better than I would ever imagine.

Hope you have a great rest of your week and GOOOOOO!!! (HAYDEN!). Win something, bruddah!

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