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BLOGS FOR April 2012


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Week ending Sunday, April 29th, 2012
Steady as she goes...

Interesting week. One of my native San Diego friends who is Navy Flight School was in town with his instructor so he came by and hung out with me this weekend. Always good to have friends coming to visit and check out the new place. When he got here we went to Pei Wei for dinner and then chilled out watching TV. On Saturday I took him up with my instructor as we did a short flight to Martinsberg and then to Royal Front airports. Martinsberg has C5 Galaxy aircraft and how they land there I'll never know.

After that I took him to Church with me over at Cornerstone. He liked the service a lot and said that it reminded him a lot of the Church that he and his wife attend. That was a good sign and our Pastor was absolutely funny but right on point with the sermon. My friend had to leave Saturday night but he it was good to see him and he really complimented me on the house. It it wasn't for God's grace, I'll still be renting!

The work week was busy as usual and lots of good plans are in the works. I might even get to try out some of the new things I learned in class a few weeks ago as I work towards slimming down the SAN storage into a more Enterprise Class type of infrastructure.

This week I ordered the P90X workout program. I have just plateaued at the gym and without an instructor with me all the time it's better to try six days a week and following their nutritional program, which is what I did today. I bought the type of foods they suggested and will go on a 5 small meal a day plan and have to give up soda (booo!). I'll be taking photos at Day 1, Day 30, Day 60 and Day 90 to see if it really works. That is assuming I stick to the diet plan.

I also flew today as well. My instructor had a migraine so he had to cancel so I just did a solo out to the practice area. Worked on slow flight, power off stalls, turns around a point and steep turns. I am getting better but the windy conditions does make me nervous sometimes. Plus there was a lot of air traffic out there so I had to keep my eyes peeled. Then I came back to the runway and did three landings and takeoffs. After that I parked it as I am tired. I think the lack of energy has to do with the bad workouts and bad foods so I am changing that up for the next 90 days.

Well I think that is about it. Quiet week and taking care of the house, work, flying, working out and of course, Church. Hope you had a great week and talk to you next month!


Week ending Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
Quiet week...

Won't be too much on the blog this week. I had EMC training all weekend and learned a lot. It was something I had been looking forward to and definitely helped my skill set just a tad. Because it was an online, instructor-led class I got to take it from home. That ended up being a good thing as I have been sort of "out of it" all week. Feeling a tad sick but not sure what is bothering me. Went to a Doctor's appointment and they think I just might have a stomach issue that can be cleared up. Just lacking energy to do much all this week.

That ended up being a good thing as I was supposed to do another cross country flight this weekend but it was canceled due to the weather. Instead I went out with friends on Friday night for a couple hours but other than that I've been lounging around all day. Well, I did take some time to mow my yard (this is apparently a once a week sort of thing) and of course I went to Church on Saturday night. Love my Church and hope they get approval from the VA Supreme Court to build their Sanctuary on the land across the street they purcahsed. There's a local land-owner here that doesn't want the Church built there so he's making it really hard for this to get approved. The City of Leesburg is backing it so that's good to have. As Ronald Reagan once said "Don't pray that God's on our side, pray that we're on God's side!" Amen to that!

Other than that I am watching what my sister is doing to find a new place and I promised her that I would help her. Odds are I am going to have to fly down to Sebring and spend a weekend plus several days on top of that to help them move. That's ok, I'm family and we're supposed to help each other out.

The only other thing to add is that I talked to a few of my trainer friends and they all recommend the P90X program so I am going to start doing that at home since I've plateaued at the gym and am not seeing any improvements.

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Right now I want to lay back down and rest and feel better. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend. I'm going to watch the rest of the AMA and WSBK races and pray that God's plans continue to be more clear!



Week ending Sunday, April 15th, 2012
Lots accomplished this week...

Well I can say it's been a pretty good week. There were a lot of things for me to do and well, they're all done so that's definitely a good point to be at when you bought a house and in the midst you're also trying to get your private pilot's license!

This week was my first cross country flight and it was pretty good, even though the wind here is annoying. It's ALWAYS windy, all the time. I feel like I live in Chicago, not Virginia. I have to imagine that this state is between the warmer weather states and the colder weather states so maybe that's why the weather here is so unpredictable. That said, Friday's weather reminded me of San Diego. Warm sun, a light cool breeze and clear. I definitely love that.

We flew from Leesburg to Charlottesville which is a 75 mile one way (or 150 mile round trip) flight. The wind was, of course, kicking up hard so we had a lot of updrafts and downdrafts. I was constantly fighting with the plane to keep my altitude. We got into Charlottesville and asked the tower for a touch and go and they gave us priority. They also have a right hand traffic pattern because there are mountains to the East. We did our touch and go and on the way back hit some turbulence as well. It's all good practice though and I didn't get nervous or death grip the yoke (haha). Pretty soon I will be able to do my solo cross country flights which will be GREAT!

Today (Sunday) I finally had to go get something to mow the lawn with. Well, I don't have much of a lawn but I am still responsible for mowing it. It's weird because in CA your homeowners insurance handles all that. Here in VA, the HOA doesn't really do much other than cover the common areas, pool, basketball court and trash. That's it! Anyway, I bought a hand-push REEL mower (meaning, it's not gas powered, it's like the ones you see on the golf course). I also bought a battery powered weed-eater as well. No sense in wasting gas when you can do the same thing with batteries and muscle! I even worked up a little sweat this time (outside the gym for once, hah!).

Saturday night of course I was at Church which was good. The services are a bit shorter than what Pastor Bob at Horizons would do but I can't really complain. This service was about marriage and though that's not in my future, it's always great to hear God's word and actually learn something that can and should be considered with everyone, not just your spouse.

This week I will be training. I'd like to get my EMC certifications. Even though I have the NetApp certifications, I don't really use them and I rarely touch Filers anyway. It is good to have them both so if you ever have to change jobs (I hope I don't, I am happy where I am at) you will have options. It's weird, since I got here I get approached a lot about other jobs but I work for a great company and the owner really takes care of employees so no complaints!

There's no MotoGP racing this week so after I update this entry I think I'll go jump on my drum set and practice some more. I'm getting better and I am sure I can start doing some covers or new material soon but I'd rather be GREAT. I remember learning to play the guitar. I must have practiced 3-4 hours every night, every week for years. It's really not easy to just start playing Metallica songs perfectly back in the day (and I never did play them perfectly live -- fright stage -- but did just fine at home :)

Well that is it for the week. Hope yours was fantastic as well and stay out trouble!!! For sure I know trouble can easily find me if I am not on my guard!


Week ending Sunday, April 8th, 2012
Happy Easter!

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter Weekend, including Good Friday. It was a busy week for me at work but otherwise the week as a whole was pretty relaxed. Got in all my workouts at the gym and cleaned up the house a bit. I am now working on cleaning up some of the marks and dings in the walls and getting ready to paint those. There isn't really that much to do and I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that.

Was supposed to fly a cross country this weekend but, once again, Virginia is proving that it likes to be as windy here as Chicago! I kid you not. The wind is already pressing around 25kt gusts and the Cessna 172 is not designed to fly in anything more than a 15kt crosswind (and we're already at 17 since the wind isn't straight down the runway. Ah well, we'll try next weekend and I am not in a big hurry. The summer should present some better weather -- at least I hope so.

I did not go to the services this weekend at Cornerstone as it was already over-packed and I will watch it online later. I know it will be on. I know I don't live that far away but given the crowd I saw it was best to stay out of the crowds (and you know I am not too keen on large crowds -- like me my space!).

Other than that we have the first MotoGP race today from Qatar. It'll be good to see what happens when the dust settles if Ducati have built a good enough bike for Nicky to actually compete or will he have to find a ride with a non-factory team next year or head to WSBK. At least there he'd have a chance and he knows some of the tracks. Ben did good there and I am not sure why he didn't stay to repeat since he should know, MotoGP is far harder to win than in WSBK.

Well that is it for now. Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend. Praise the Lord, He has risen!!!!

Week ending Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Another extremely busy week but a lot was accomplished and fun was had :)

This past week there was a lot more thin-provisioning and LUN migration that needed to be accomplished and I cannot do the work during business hours (so I do not interrupt people's normal work schedule) so I would schedule 6-8pm to do what work Mon-Thurs. The good part is that it does put me over hours so I can take some time off on Friday during the day.

With that extra overtime I left work early on Friday, went to the gym and then did some pattern work at Leesburg. Since the weather was bad Friday and Saturday it didn't really leave me much for options. I spent a lot of time working on my short field takeoffs and landings but with the crosswinds out there I needed to work better on my controls. Sunday was a good day as me and my instructor decided the winds were pretty high so we could work on some navigational flying (which is my weak skill set right now). The good part was that the extra work I did on Friday helped a lot.

We flew from Leesburg over to Winchester and did a full stop and take off. From there we flew over the Royal Point airport which is a really small airport off the 50. It's used mainly for Glider-Tow work and there were plenty of gliders out there. It's also a short runway so it gave me more practice landing on short fields. Once we landed, taxied back I took off once again and flew back to Leesburg. Mostly it was VFR navigation but we double checked our heading and location with GPS. Really nice to have but I have to hone my Navigation using VORs.

On Saturday my furniture arrived finally! It's great and if you look on the main page you'll see some new photos added to the "new house" page. They did a good job with the delivery and nothing was broken. They were even easy on the walls. However, when they got to the couch they said "Hey this couch is too big to fit here so we have to schedule another week to bring it in through the second floor with 2 more guys. Well, I was preparing to store the couch in the garage until next weekend until I saw the guys doing the construction work on the other two groups of town homes to me had a really big fork lift. *BING*. The light bulb went off in my head "Hey, I wonder if I could get them to lift the couch to the second floor and we can bring it in that way?!"

Well I went over and asked the guy and he said "Sure, I can do that for you!" So they put the couch back into the box and wrapping and put it on the forklift. He drove around the back side and like an escalator, he brought us the couch right over the second floor balcony. The couch came through perfectly and we put it in the living room. Great idea! It worked and it would have cost me another $65.00 in delivery charges :) Really thankful that those guys helped me out a lot.

This week I also received my drum set. I was a little upset that I told them I would come pick it up but they only kept the aluminum cage and they dropped off all the electronics out on the front door and of course, it was wet. I did put the drum set together and luckily everything is working ok. There are photos of that on the "new house" page as well. I even started setting up my home recording studio as well!

On Saturday night I was back at Cornerstone which I really like. It's so much like Horizons back in San Diego and I like it a lot! They're building a new Church right across the street so pretty soon I will just be able to walk to Church.

Well I think that is about it for the week. It's a long update and there's a few more things to add but I don't want to bore you. WSBK races this weekend and then, NEXT weekend, is MotoGP and I am very excited about that.

Hope you had a great week and talk to you next weekend!


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