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BLOGS FOR April 2011


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Week ending Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Happy Easter to you all and don't forget to thank the Lord Jesus for everything! I'll be headed to the new Church tonight to check out their service and see if it's a new Church that I can call home.

Well gee, there is no rain today and it's about 81* outside so after I write this I am going to take a quick ride on the CBR just to stretch it's legs a little bit. It will be nice to ride and I probably need to charge the battery a tad as well. I haven't ridden since I had the bike in San Diego so it's been sitting in the garage for about a month now. It's finally starting to warm up even though it's supposed to rain on M/T/W -- again! (sheesh!)

Work has been crazy this week. My boss was on vacation and then we had an outage so I worked late 2-3 days in a row to help get things back up and operational again. What I can't wait for is to get my hands on the VMAX! We have two of them so I will be responsible for setting them up and getting them performing. We're going to replace a lot of older arrays so this will be good for the new company as well.

Due to all the extra hours at work I missed my Weds and Friday work outs but I hope to be back into the groove on Monday. I was told that in order to get more out of my workout I should wait and do the cardio stuff AFTER I lift. That makes sense for sure and I will be trying that for now on. I've definitely lost some of the extra fat I obtained from vegging after the accident last year (I was TOLD to relax and not exercise). My head feels better and since I've been off caffeine and very few headaches. I also seem to have a lot more energy and stamina as well so that is good too :)

Well I don't know what else to say, I know it's short but I haven't really been doing much since it's been cold and rainy since I moved here to VA. Can't wait for the warm weather and clear, sunny days :) Hope all is going well with you and you have a blessed, Easter Sunday for you and your family.




Week ending Sunday, April 17th, 2011
Wanted: No more rain for at least a week!

If I recall I relocated to VA. At least, that's where I think I am but this week I am wondering if I moved to Washington State. The weather here has just been crazy. It's either cold and gray, cold and sprinkling or dark and stormy, raining cats, dogs and anything else that can drop from the sky (waits for hail). It's just something that takes time to get adjusted to. Here I was thinking that in April it would warm up and we're halfway through April and it's still bouncing between 40-80 degrees - lol!

I guess one of the reasons I wanted it to warm up was because the brand new CBR in my garage hasn't been ridden since I arrived -- and that was exactly a month ago. Poor thing, probably feels neglected too! Some of my coworkers gave me a few spots to go ride but mostly they say "Head to West Virginia and there are some good mountain roads to ride on. That'd be good for me. Maybe they have something like Palomar Mountain Road that I used to ride on a regular basis. That's the one thing I miss about Motorcycling in San Diego are the great places to ride!

The new Gold's Gym here is fantastic to say the least. I mean, they have everything you'd need to get a good workout so I am pressing even harder. I've started pushing up my cardio workout times by 5 minute increments and hope to get my workouts 3x a week to two hours a day at the very least. My shoulders, arms, stomach, legs and back are all super sore it's definitely proof that I'm working out hard. Feel pretty fit too :)

Work is going great so far. I'm just happy that we're back to work and don't have to worry about a Government Shutdown. I feel bad for my friends at work that I left behind but I imagine a lot of them will be moving on to different places as well as time goes on. When the new company took over they made a lot of changes in the wrong direction that it seems the end is inevitable. Too bad too because the company that hired me did a great job in my opinion.

Looking around for a new Church I found THIS Church online. It's based off the same Church (Calvary) that runs KWVE in Orange County, CA. I had been listening to that station for about 5 years before I moved here to VA and I do miss the sermons there. I am hoping the new Church is a place I can call home as much as I love Horizons in Rancho Santa Fe. Definitely miss Pastor Bob's messages but at the very least I can tune in online and listen as well.

Well, MotoGP has started out awesome and I get to watch the next WSBK race today so that will be good. Definitely looking forward to relaxing today (and doing a little BBQ to spice things up!) so that will be fun. Hope you guys watched the last MotoGP race (no spoilers here) because it was the best one I have ever seen. What I haven't seen are AMA Superbike races. I can't even find them on TV so I don't know what is going on. I guess the new company (DMG) that runs AMA Racing doesn't understand how to appeal to the viewers.

Well I don't want to grind out any complaining. I really do like where I am at now and though it's definitely not San Diego (or CA for that matter) I am still having fun and making new friends. Still have yet to meet the neighbors. I guess the cold weather keeps everyone inside too, haha.

That's about it for now. Hope your week is going great and talk to you later!


Week ending Sunday, April 10th, 2011
Nervous Week For Sure!

Wellll, that was a little nerve wracking. I wasn't sure if I was going to be going to work next week due to the Government budget issues. I did receive news today that they came to an agreement (of sorts) and that it's OK to come to work tomorrow. I am relieved, glad and EXCITED. I really like what I do and I still have to make some adjustments to the new team, new company and a different way of doing business.

And that is OK too. As I have said before, if life was not a challenge it wouldn't be fun and interesting and most people wouldn't do anything but sit around. Like I said, I like where I am working and the responsibilities that I have (which I don't take lightly or for granted). Everyone here seems pretty easy going so that makes it easier to get things done.

It was cold all this weekend so I stayed home (again) and vegged (again) because I don't know what I would do in my spare time with bad weather. Not to mention, it rained -- which it does here A LOT. And when I say a lot, I really mean it. I think it's rained about 1/2 the time I've been here. And I've only been here less than a month.

I am getting adjusted though. I kind of know where some main points of interest are. I mean, I know by heart where the Grocery store, BB&B and Staples are for sure, lol. Because I have been there a lot lately. I also know where "Ashley" is because that is the place where I bought my new bedroom furniture. Also found a few places that I really like to eat at, especially the Indian food place here which is pretty good. And I know because there were a lot of Indian people eating there. If it wasn't great or authentic, they wouldn't be eating there either.

Nope, I have not found a new Church yet but been looking. I totally forgot to send Pastor Bob a message but I'll get it done soon. It's just been really busy and I have been trying to make an adjustment to the new surroundings.

I have been really hitting the new Gold's gym hard and I LIKE IT. It's probably the nicest gym I've ever belonged to and so much great equipment. Plus, the like the Theatre they have for Cardio. Watch a movie which you're jogging :)

Well that is it for now. I know it was short but there really wasn't that much going on this week.

Week ending Sunday, April 3rd, 2011
What a GREAT Weekend!

Granted, I didn't go out due to the COLD, COLD, COLD weather here in VA. Ok I take that back. Yes, it's cool (around 35 degrees at night, 50 degrees during the day) but that's probably due to the cold front from those Canadians :) LOL. They keep sending us their cool weather. What would be nice if my friends from Florida (home) would send some WARM weather up here so I could get on the CBR and ride it to work. hah.

I still haven't found a new Church yet. I am going to write Pastor Bob and see which one he recommends. He knows that I am looking for a similar Church to Horizon in Rancho Santa Fe (link on my site at the bottom) but if I can't I am sure he can recommend a good Church and Pastor for me so I can get back home where I belong on Saturday nights.

This weekend I did do some shopping. Ok, I admit my bedroom furniture is really old and out of date that makes my entire place look like a "Bachelor" pad (thus the name, "Brian's Pad") but it is home. So with some of the vacation money I had collected when I left my old job I put a lot of it down on some new Bedroom furniture. I'll post photos when the furniture actually arrives. I am waiting for the bed frame to actually be made. I ordered a custom one that has the headboard that I like (one I can put a clock, radio, etc). It was a lot more than I wanted to spend but I figure this time it's OK to actually have my place looking presentable. Especially when my family comes to see me in June. I'll take the current bedroom stuff and put it in the spare room so I have a place for guests to rest :)

I also got a haircut and did some shopping as I bought some new slacks and a shirt for work. Also got a larger belt since I no longer have a 29" waist HAHA. No, it's not a 33 either but I can't wear a 30" belt anymore. That's sad because I am not overweight by any means but I think not being able to go to the gym that often is probably biting me back. I just signed up for a gym that I don't like but I will sign up for the NEW "Super" Gold's Gym that is just down the street from my house. I'm going to wait until after I see the Chiropractor on Monday because my back has been bothering me since I had that seizure. I am fine and have had no reoccurrences. I also sent my DMV info to my Neurologist so I hope he fills it out and faxes it back to them ASAP!

Today (Sunday) I have been relaxing. This morning I woke up early to watch the MotoGP race from Jerez, Spain. I have to tell you this was probably the most exciting race I have watched in a long, long time. There were some flashes of the 2005 season with bumping and tossing bikes down the track. I can't tell you much more than that if you haven't seen it yet but trust me, if you watch it you will actually be dumbfounded at ALL of the action in the race.

Work wise, I couldn't be happier. What they hired me to do I have already started on that so I am definitely keeping myself busy. I really do like everyone on the team and we all seem to jell well together. My new boss is really nice but hard to get his time as everyone on the planet wants to talk to him. I just have to wait in line when it's my time like everyone else :)

Well that is it for now. Have a great rest of your day and talk to you next week!


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