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Week ending Sunday, April 25th, 2010
Good week!

Well I had a pretty good week so far. I actually got to hang out with my friends at Zen5 in PB. That's a really good Sushi place. It was interesting to get together and just shoot the breeze and have fun. Yes we behaved and did not get into any trouble. Charles, Tiff, Chance, John and Arcelia were there and we basically stuffed our faces with some of the best sushi around :)

There were no checkups this week with the Doctor but it was interesting to hear what they had to do to me when I was in the hospital. Actually it was pretty gruesome when you think about it. They basically had to open my head and fix a clot. That explains the scar (didn't think they'd have to go down that far on the side of my head!) They also cut my jaw muscle so they could get in there and that explains why my jaw was sore for so long. Either way, I did learn from the girls on Friday night that "Chicks dig scars!" haha, so I guess I am OK there. ;)

I have seen a few photos of when I was in the coma/sedated and I don't remember any of that. It's all a blur to me. It's not that I don't want to remember it, it's simply that I wasn't awake to know about it so there's really not much to remember. I do remember that Lisa, John, Melanie and Cristina being there when I first came to. I am more upset about my hair not growing back the right way, haha. Maybe I need to buy something for that, I don't know.

Speaking of things, I'm struggling right now with a couple issues with Disability (which I don't want to be on) and the Hospitals (getting lots of bills at the moment). I'm sure we'll get it all figured out and I will pay everyone back but at the moment I'm dealing with my savings account because that is where my income is coming from, lol. Good thing I had saved up and not bought a house I could not afford! On the plus side I am happy to head back to work on May 3rd. I just need to get back into the groove and get back to normal things, you know? I am not asking for anything special, just back to being a normal, average guy.

Church was great on Saturday by the way. Got to chat with Brock and some of my friends and of course Pastor Bob talked about his interview (that I watched) in regards to homosexuality and what God says about that. All I have to say is "Love the sinner, hate the sin" -- know what I am saying?!

I'm getting ready to head out soon to go visit John and Mel in their very LARGE place in, I think, Murietta. Should be hot that is for sure but we'll have some dinner and pig on. On Monday I have to call my boss and check in and then all I can really do is wait it out until Monday. They'll be MotoGP on Sunday so I'll have that.

Anyway that is about it for me. Hope you got to watch the NFL draft as well. Can you tell I don't have much to do at the moment? LOL. Have a great week and talk to you soon!


Week ending Sunday, April 18th, 2010
Big checkup this week

Well this is about the most boring week I've ever had. I'm stuck sitting at home because I am not allowed to work and the DMV will not allow me to drive until the Doctor gives me an OK to do so. That should happen on Tuesday because I am going to be adamant with the Doctor that I am fine and ready/fit to go to work and back to the gym.

My head is healing up exceptionally well. I am surprised, frankly, that it's moving this fast. They initially thought that I would be out of work for 6-12 months but God has better plans for me than that. I expect to be back to work by May 1st would would make it about 9 weeks in total. That's a pretty good indication that I had a higher power in control of the hands of good man who healed me.

I did take the truck to the OffRoad Warehouse and got the 3" lift installed. I was going to buy tires/wheels but I'll wait until my truck has worn the stock tires out. I really don't plan on doing any 4 wheeling, just having enough clearance to go up to Mammoth every winter to do snowboarding.

Since it's Saturday instead of Sunday, I am going to Church tonight and then I am headed down to Orange County to hang out with a friend. She's been so good to me and really watched over me like my family did. Can't say how thankful that I am to have people like that in my life. You know, people come and people go but those who love and care about you never forsake you for greener pastures. Can't say enough about how happy I am to see her.

I think that is about it. I have plans next week after the Doctor visit to hang out with friends. I really just want to get back into my normal work/gym/home schedule so I can return to a normal life. All I know is that I am grateful for the blessings that I have been receiving from God, friends and family and there is nothing in this world that can match the value that is in our lives.

Have a great rest of your weekend.


Week ending Sunday, April 11th, 2010
Setting back in....

Well I have had a good week of getting back into my normal groove. I have been to my office a couple times. On Monday to show my face to everyone and let them know that I am fine and alive and then on Friday to take my boss and team lead to lunch. It's amazing how much my boss commented on that I wanted OUT of the hospital. I hate them to be honest. I don't like the thought of being dependent upon being cared for even though their intentions are well meant.

All the comments were really good. I hadn't seen most everyone in about 5 weeks so it was good to reconnect and chat with them all. I think I only heard one real negative comment that someone had said "...he must have done something to cause what happened..." but that was nowhere near the case. What happened to me was just a combination of bad service and leaving me outside the Hard Rock without so much as even some help getting home. I don't blame them, they are a business and I am not looking for a way to sue someone. I just don't think that is what God expects from people He has a purpose in their life. I don't live to harm others and most who know me know that I am one of the easiest going guys on the planet.

I'm really anxious to go back to work. I won't be able to see my neurosurgeon until the 20th. I am trying to get his approval to go back to work. I already know that I can do some light gym work and that's what I am doing this Tuesday with Charles, my trainer. He's such a good guy and he makes sure that my workouts are the most productive that I can do. Plus, both Chance and John are also trainers there and we're all friends.

Didn't make it to Church this week since Cristina came down to visit and make sure I was doing ok. We went out to eat and watched a movie. It was really good to see her. She is such a good friend and always shows her concern for me so that's definitely made me very appreciative of her. Just like all my friends who joined Facebook to say hello and make sure that I was OK. I'm still amazed every single day that I have so many people who love and care about me that they even made it out to the hospital. Even my best friend from High School flew out just to take me to Florida. AMAZING.

Well that is about it for this week. I have a lot of personal effects to take care of here, get a will (just in case) and go see who can install the lift kit on my truck (only 3" don't worry haha). Thank you all once again for all your love and caring that you showed me when I was down and out. I don't think this is something that anyone wanted or tried for but we've all learned something. It won't happen again, I assure you of that.

Have a fantastic weekend!


Week ending Sunday, April 4th, 2010
I'm finally back home....

!'ve been in Florida for the past 2.5 weeks. That was some time with my family that I desperately needed. Before I talk about that, let me explain what happened to me in detail.

My birthday was supposed to be a fun time with me and friends and in essence, it was. The birthday party itself was pretty fun and innocent. After the party we hung around the house, watched a movie and waited for our limo to arrive. When the limo got here, it stopped at a liquor store (no laughing) to stock their bar.

Sometime between then and after arriving at the Hard Rock, I think I was slipped something in a drink because I NEVER, EVER get drunk. I am not a drinker to be honest and I never lose my mind in the process of having fun with friends. Even if I do have something to drink I am usually just a big, goofy, fun guy. But that is not what happened.

Someone says that I was goofing around with a bouncer because I was kicked out of the Hard Rock for all things, accidentally spilling a beer. D'oh! Either way, we were fooling around (goofing off not fighting) and ended up going KER-SPLAT on the concrete in front of the club. From then on, I don't remember anything.

I know I was rushed to SD Medical Center (UCSD) and was in a coma. During the time they were working on me my cranium started to swell due to blood pressure and at that very point, my heart stopped functioning. They had to relieve the pressure and restart my heart. They did a darn great job because during that time I talked to my mom and thought I was going to heaven to be with her. I guess she told me that it was not my time and I was not ready, so back I came.

I stayed at UCSD for two weeks healing. I was unable to walk correctly without being dizzy and was unable to complete full sentences (the last word of every sentence). This carried on for the next two weeks. One week at Sharpe Medical and one week in Sebring.

Before I say anything else, I just want to say how darn thankful for so many people who came to see me at BOTH hospitals and praying online. I am talking about hundreds. My sister and Cristina I know for a fact stayed with me most of the time I was at UCSD. The list of names of people would take up most of this blog for the week. For me to name them all would mean that I would miss a few so I just want to stay THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Never, EVER have I been more thankful for how many people showed they loved and cared about me.

Before I was able to leave Sharpe Medical, I had to score a decent test on the Cognizant Behavioral Test (CBT) which I scored a very high IQ result so they said I was OK to go home. But that's not where I left. My friend from Sebring, Robert Cannon and my brother Joe kept me busy at Sharpe and Robert even flew me back to Sebring for two weeks.

There at Sebring for the first week I was talking all the drugs that Sharpe told me to take. The Neurologist told me after examining me that all I needed was the heart medicine and once he took me off that, I have been able to walk just fine. The ear doctor removed some issues within my right ear and now I can hear 100% on both ears so I am good to go there as well.

I stayed in Sebring for 2.5 weeks. I even did some small chores in the house to keep me busy and even got to play a game of golf, nothing that made me work hard at all. I love my friends and family but my home is San Diego so I am glad to be back.

I don't know that I will ever be able to repay the hundreds of people that helped me, but I am thankful. My head is starting to heal though I do have some very large scars on my head. HP won't let me come back to work because I have to get clearance from a primary doctor, but I want to come back to work as soon as possible and get back to the gym. I have lost 23lbs due to being in a coma and not being able to eat a lot of food.

In time, I think I will get back to my normal process of work, gym, friends, Church and all the normal things I do. I will not be drinking or partying even though I did it for my birthday. One time. Once in a year -- and never again. I am glad that I lived, because I know that God and my friends and family all have things for me to do and I plan on doing it.

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