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(last updated 04/14/2013)
DOB: February 21st
RAISED: Sebring, Florida
HOMETOWN: Del Mar (San Diego), CA

N/A (lol)

One sister (Married with 5 kids), one brother (married with 2 kids) and relatives spread between Massachusetts, Florida and Alabama.

Jesus, Pastor Bob Botsford, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Dr. James Dobson, Freddie Spencer, Nicky Hayden.

My faith, music, working out, the internet, golf, motorcycle racing, dirt-biking, football, Egyptology, astronomy, mechanics, psychology, the outdoors, snow boarding, the beach, etc.

I have many goals, the biggest of which is to live my life the way God intended with no regrets knowing no matter what I have done, I gave it my all.

Iced Tea, Soda, Water.

Do I have to pick? Besides the US I would say the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Star Wars, Spider-Man

Indian, Japanese, Italian, etc.

Anything but Country!

As long as it's not Country, I like it :)

Not getting to see my mom before she passed away. I had not been home in 5 years and the next thing you know she is gone...

Reading the bible all the way through (many times now!) Helping others - especially those less fortunate, flying (almost have my license!) racing motorcycles (a life-long dream), teaching people how to ride motorcycles safely, teaching people how to do their own bike maintenance, jamming on stage with Metallica in 2001, starting my own business in Jan of 2004, playing for a crowd of 8,000 in Milwaukee in the summer of 2004, putting a bad person in jail, shooting an 80 at Encinitas Ranch, Complete career change mid-life (lol), knowing I am deeply loved by God...


"The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over, expecting different results each time."
- Benjamin Franklin

"A man who loves himself will have no rivals." - Benjamin Franklin

"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not." - Kurt Cobain

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." - Albert Einstein

"Greater is He that is in you than the he that is of the world." - 1 John 4:4

There are times that call for tough love...” - Dr. James Dobson

"I'm selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes. I'm out of control and at times, hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." - Marilyn Monroe (Well said!)

(last updated 04/21/2013)

I started out as a child....

Sometime in 20th Century God flipped the lights on for me in Boston, MA. When I was two, my mother and step father decided to flock South. I'm not sure if it was the weather that caused it but due south we headed. If you've ever spent a harsh winter in Massachusetts, you understand.

My parents had a cover band and an original band. That's basically what paid the rearing costs of my first 10 years of life. I saw my mom and my step dad rarely during grade school. First and second grade were spent at several different schools. Second grade, in fact, was spent in at least three different schools. I learned to make friends fast or play marbles alone :) First grade was spent in Tampa, second grade I can't even remember. The majority of the time my parents were on the road we were cared for by a nanny.

When third grade started, my mom decided it was time to retire from music and raise her kids. That was the most important decision she made at that time of her life and I don't think I ever thanked her for that. (Thanks mom!) We ended up in Sebring, Florida. Now, what was Sebring like in last 70's and early 80's? Well, to give you a hint, I don't think there was more than 5000 people within 60 square miles of the place. That's counting all the people in the neighboring towns, if you could call them towns. It was definitely a small community that couldn't really be called a suburb of any metropolis. Oh sure, they like to "say" Orlando or Tampa, but trust me, Sebring isn't close to anywhere.

Several years after we moved to Sebring, my mom smartly realized my step dad wasn't going to quit the music biz. After all, it's all he knew. So, they divorced and she ended up marrying someone I never felt comfortable. I always felt my mom deserved to be with someone who loved her every bit as she loved him.

Speaking of which, how can I describe myself in High School? I was pretty much like I am now. I really did things my own way. I didn't fall into favor with any crowd and I got along pretty well with everyone. I related better to the less fortunate because, well, even though we didn't have a lot of cash, we never went hungry and always had a roof over our heads. (thanks again, Mom!). I fell into no-man's land. Not rich enough for the popular kids, not quite poor enough for the poor kids. I was basically your average student. I got A's but only when I wanted to. I had ADD and school, frankly, bored me to tears.

When my mom remarried I gained a couple of step brothers who both were in the Marines. I had no place to go or nothing to do if I stayed in Sebring so I signed up at age 17. I figured that at the very least I would get some college tuition when I decided I wanted to go back to school and I needed to see the world outside of home. So, two days after High School graduation I was in Parris Island, South Carolina being yelled at by some guy I never met in "dress charlies", and man was he was ticked....

Hey, if I could survive Marine Corps boot camp, I would be able to handle life, no problem. Well, I did just that. After 14 weeks I was dubbed "Jarhead" and I spent the rest of my contract repairing FA/18 Hornets. It was a brilliant airplane built by McDonnell Douglas - who had stolen the design from Northup (muahah). Anyway, I did my 4 years and decided I wanted to get out and try success as your average "scrub".

After bouncing around a few odd jobs soon after I got out, I scored a job as a "Staffing Specialist" with a technical staffing agency. Oddly enough, I have been a "recruiter" since then. For three years I owned my own Professional Search Firm. That was great but after so many years in the business I realized I didn't enjoy the work anymore and was completely unchallenged.

In Feb of 2007 I accepted a position as a Storage Area Network Engineer and am LOVING IT! It's a very rewarding, challenging position with lots of room for upward growth. I love technology and this job is chock full of it! I can safely say that I am learning a lot and for once in my life, I am excited to go to work every day :)

In 1996 I was tooling around the thought of playing music. I've always been big into covers. I like playing the music we all listen to. It gives me a greater appreciation for music as a whole. So, I decided to join a cover band. The first band I joined was called "Cold Fire" and we played just RUSH tunes. I sang but did not play bass as I had not learned to play any instrument. I hung in there for about a year. After "Cold Fire" had gone through several drummers I decided to go try something really hard: Old School Metallica.

There was already one Metallica Tribute band in Southern, CA but at the time I wasn't aware of that. I placed an ad in the Recycler and I found a female bassist. She had a friend and they were interested in doing the Metallica covers but they wanted to expand to cover other Metal songs as well. Ok, no problem. I knew a drummer at work so we all hooked up to jam. I practiced only twice with them before I decided this wasn't the direction I wanted to go. So, off I go again to do what I had intended in the first place and they, appropriately, started an original band. A win/win situation for everyone.

After auditioning many guitarist, one guy answered my ad that had the stuff. He had excellent chops and could play all the Kirk Hammett leads. I kept running ads and eventually found a bassist and drummer. However, one thing was a major issue. While I can sing, I do NOT sound like James Hetfield. So we ran ads again for a singer but nothing was working. One evening I went to see a friend's band play and an original band was playing. The lead singer kind of looked like James Hetfield and he could sing decently. So I asked him if he was interested. He auditioned and of course, got the job. Soon after we started playing gigs.

The band evolved over the next few years. Eventually I went from guitar to bass because we needed to be more like Metallica our "Hetfield" wanted a new challenge. So we made the switch and while the band took a brief step back, we soon became one of the top Metallica Tribute bands on the planet.

I used to frequent the MetClub message boards when I had the time. In early 2001 a couple other fans had mentioned that if Metallica got dolls they were going to have a convention, as that was James Hetfield's answer when asked when there would ever be a Metallica fan convention. Seeing this as a good opportunity for my band to get some press and play in front of the most demanding Metallica fans there are, I got myself involved as one of the original "four" for the MetalliBash. Well, we worked hard, we worked long and it finally came together. Half way through our set at the inaugural Bash who should show up but Lars and Kirk. Jason had quit Metallica earlier that year and James was in rehab so basically all that was left of Metallica in 2001 was at the BASH. Lars and Kirk jumped on stage and we played six songs with them. It was definitely a thrilling highlight, but one I felt I deserved. After working hard for many years keeping Metallica's spirit alive, through all the Napster stuff, I felt this was one caveat that I and the band deserved.

After the bash, we're backstage with Lars Ulrich. We rap about music, Metallica and just generally shoot the breeze. As we're finishing up Lars agrees to a few pictures. The final picture I take my wig off. Seizing the opportunity, Lars grabs the wig and slaps it on his head. Just before the shot is taken, Lars is stroking the hair on the wig and says in a very funny tone of voice "Hey, now that I have hair, I feel like I have my credibility back!". We nearly died laughing.

From left to right: Me, Lars Ulrich, James Moore, Jim Felt and Bill Warren

In January of 2003 whatever was left of Metallica in my blood was finally tapped. Tired of the work, tired of the music, tired of arguing, tired of mosh pits, tired of seeing small crowds show up to local gigs...Metallica had run it's course with me. I quit the band and while it wasn't the most amicable departure, I did what I felt was right for me and I wasn't looking back. No remorse, no regrets.

A little over a year before I quit the Metallica Cover Band I started PYROMANIA, a Def Leppard Tribute Band. This was probably the first seed I planted in leaving the Metallica Tribute. I knew I wanted to do something different and I wanted a project that was equally as challenging. I noticed there were currently NO Def Leppard tribute bands anywhere! Why? That's easy, while playing Def Leppard's music is pretty easy, singing it is another story. Mutt Lange used hundreds of layers of vocals so singing it live is difficult. I had a few friends that were interested in the band after a the first gig it became apparent that it wasn't going to work. Time to re-think, re-tool and re-load.

The next evolution of the band I ended up with an outstanding line up of guys who sing as well as they play. Pyromania has been the same basic lineup since then. With the exception of the bass player slot, things have really been stable. We've managed to gain a strong fan base and the band grows every day. In May of 2004 Pyromania headlined LEPCON, a Def Leppard Fan convention to be held in Las Vegas. It was an awesome event with a great turnout.

In December of 2004 I officially retired from live performing. I now just doodle with my guitar, bass and drums and occasionally belt out songs in my car or shower. At least that way I cannot possibly offend anyone!

Updated: 04/14/2013

After having my fill of music (and not really liking what I had written though one song in particular, which means a lot to me, I can not make public) I switched my attention to motorcycles. In April of 2003, after not having owned a bike in a long time I managed to score a 1983 Honda V65 Magna to tool around on. It was soon apparent that the bike did not suit my style of riding. I sold the bike and in July of 2003 I bought a brand new Suzuki Bandit 1200s. This bike was a better fit for me because I was doing some commuting and yet it was still sporty enough to hit the canyons.

Ah but power. Stock the Bandit had 101 rear wheel HP but I wanted more. So the past year I have torn the bike down and in the process of (and almost finished) of making it a truly unique bike.

Not satisfied with the Bandit being down in March of 2005 I bought a brand new CBR600RR (after reading all the mags, this was the bike that fit me the best). I bought it with the intention of making it a track only bike when the Bandit was finished. Well, the Bandit is finally done!

In December of 2005 I converted the RR to a race bike only (more details on my racing page) and since June of 2006 I have been racing in the Willow Springs Racing Club. So far I have broken a bone or two, suffered a concussion and HAVE BEEN HAVING A BLAST! Racing is all I thought it would be and more. Though I am in no danger of winning any races, it's all about having fun and I'm getting my fill.

As a young adult, bikes were always in my blood and I used to daydream about being the next Freddie Spencer, Kevin Schwantz or Wayne Rainey. While I know that dream will never be fully realized, I am still able to race and do what I love most - go fast, live fast and dream fast.

In 2008 I sold my racing bike and hung up my racing leathers (for racing, but not street). I rode the Bandit around until 2009 when I sold it. In January 2011 I broke down and bought the very first CBR1000RR REPSOL that landed on the West Coast and that's been my baby ever since. On the next section, I'll explain why it still has less than 3000 miles...

Updated: 04/14/2013

As I said in 2008 I finally hung up the racing leathers. As much as I love the adrenaline of going 150+MPH on two wheels the monetary costs were crippling me. It's extremely expensive to race and not having any sponsors whatsoever (I don't have any connections or friends with connections that can really help besides just minor discounts on parts, tires, etc) it was impossible to continue. So I sold the race bike and the trailer at the end of 2008. Besides, it's the only way I can afford a house (which is my primary goal as we speak and that's still a "work in progress...."

Some of you from FaceBook know what happened on my birthday in 2010. Yeah, nearly dead (I did die technically). I was supposed to be out of work for 6-12 months but got back in six weeks. I can't sit around the house all day. It was a slow and arduous process to get my brain functioning correctly again, because our plans and God's plans are never on the same page (lol). Once I was fairly healed up and got my nose back to the grindstone, I was contacted by someone in VA in Jan of 2011.

He offered a job that I couldn't say no to, except of course that it was in Virginia. In March of 2011 I relocated there and, because it's cold a lot AND because you cannot white line there, I didn't ride the CBR much. That is why it still has only 2800 miles on it. That reminds me, I need to change the oil/filter. So to pass the time I started taking flying lessons and I love it.

I had been taking lessons sporadically and when I was nearly finished (Jan of 2013) I got a call from a friend about a job back in San Diego. Initially I said no but as we talked I soon found out the job was more in line with what I wanted to do and to be honest, I really don't like cold weather all year round. Ah well I flew back to San Diego, interviewed and got offered a job I couldn't say no to (again). In early 2012 I purchased a home and in 2013 I am back in San Diego. It took all of two hours to rent my home.

Now I am back in San Diego as of March 2013 and I do really miss my home but I don't miss the cold weather. The main reasons to come are a) My Church and fantastic Pastor (Bob Botsford), my friends here, the great weather and a lifestyle I really enjoy. Let's not forget, when one is on two wheels, this is the state to live in. Never any traffic delays on a motorcycle.

So my life has drifted and changed so much from where it was even as close to the day I started writing my online blogs. My life is full of ebb and flow and I think you just have to go with the plans God has laid out before you, trust in the Lord and He will never do you wrong.

PS: Slight update -- at some point I will go back and finish my flying lesons once my income situation settles down. Already feeling the itch!

More to come, I am sure...

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